Note Validator Repair & Maintenance

Note validator repair can be avoided by proper maintenance. It is very important to keep your note validators in excellent condition. They bring in all of your vending machines’ income. If your note validator is temperamental, your vending machine sales are not at their potential. You should always follow the manufacturer’s directions about maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Teknotronik repairs and maintain all major note and currency validators including JCM, MEI and Innovative Technology products. We are able to repair and update note validators to any currency worldwide.

The new British £20 polymer note will be launched on the 20th February 2020 in the United Kingdom and we will be updating and reprogramming note validators in line with the changes. You will still be able to use the paper £20 note is until it’s withdrawn from circulation.

The Bank of England will announce the withdrawal date after the new polymer note has been issued and will allow at least 6 months notice prior to the withdrawal of the £20 paper note. Get in touch today if you or your company would like information on how we can efficiently reprogamme your note validators.

Get in touch today if you or your company would like information on how we can efficiently service your note validator.

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The TeknoTronik team have been in the electronics repair industry for over 20 years. Our highly trained team of technicians guarantee a first class service with a personal touch.

Great Reputation

TeknoTronik are one of the most trusted electronics repairs company in the industry.

100-Day Warranty

The benefits of our services include a 100-day warranty for all repairs and guarantee a dedicated professional service.

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