Monitor Repairs

At Teknotronik, we do all sorts of monitor repairs including LED / LCD televisions, laptops, gaming, kiosks and point of sale monitors.

We also supply refurbished goods. Our company is workshopped based and a lot of customers will send their repairs in by couriers. We also have van runs to some parts of the country to pick up and drop off mainly around the Northwest of England and the Midlands.

We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking customer lead business and it’s our customers who drive us in different areas of repairs this means we are always keeping up with technology and the challenges that can bring, but working alongside our customers we always find solutions and progress from there.

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Why Choose Us

Experienced Engineers

The TeknoTronik team have been in the electronics repair industry for over 20 years. Our highly trained team of technicians guarantee a first class service with a personal touch.

Great Reputation

TeknoTronik are one of the most trusted electronics repairs company in the industry.

100-Day Warranty

The benefits of our services include a 100-day warranty for all repairs and guarantee a dedicated professional service.

Monitor Problems?

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