The Bank of England is set to release banknotes featuring the portrait of King Charles III, marking the first time in history that a British sovereign’s image will grace the nation’s currency. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through how you can get your hands on these remarkable banknotes.

Teknotronik Empowers Youth Sports: Sponsoring Leigh St Mary’s Girls Rugby Team

Teknotronik proudly supports grassroots sports by providing new rugby kits for the girls’ rugby team at Leigh St Mary’s Primary School in Leigh. This sponsorship not only enhances team spirit but also encourages young athletes to pursue their passion for rugby with pride and confidence.

King Charles Notes Debut on June 5th with Teknotronik Limited Leading the Transition

As the countdown begins to June 5th, a momentous occasion is on the horizon — the introduction of King Charles notes. This transition marks a significant shift in our nation’s currency landscape, and at the forefront of this change stands with Teknotronik Limited.

TeknoTronik partnership

with Quixant

We at TeknoTronik are proud to announce our partnership with Quixant – The global leader in gaming technology.  This partnership will expedite and streamline the process for its EMEA customers, in its pursuit to always enable customers to deliver the ultimate gaming experiences.

TeknoTronik partnership

with zonal

TeknoTronik are also happy to feature another partner in business – Zonal. Zonal is a UK-based, family-owned connected technology provider, helping more than 16,000 hospitality and leisure businesses connect the customer journey.